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Welcome to the Starside Universe!

Welcome one and all to the official website for Starside! On behalf of myself and the rest of the team, I want to extend my warmest thank you for checking out the website and joining us on this journey!

Aside from being a platform for selling comics and other goodies, we want to use this website as a way to interact and engage with our readers. When we set out to work on Starside, we didn’t just want to create a comic; we wanted to create a community. This blog will be a space where we not only share insight into our creative process, concept art, and works in progress, but also where we can connect with you about Starside, other comics, or anything else we feel like discussing! The comments are open - let’s talk!

Once again, we thank you for visiting our site! It is important to note that it is a work in progress so please pardon our dust. We’re working on adding more content to keep the site more engaging! The team and I believe we have a pretty awesome universe for you all to explore and we hope you’ll come along for the adventure!

- Dylan

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