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Email Archive: March 24, 2020

March Update

Hello readers!

We've been busy since our last update: we started working on (and finished) the thumbnails for issue 4, we're setting the groundwork for issue 5, and we've been gearing up for the issue 3 Kickstarter!

Before we get into anything else, we wanted to let you know that the PDFs of issues 1-3 are on sale on our site for only $1 each! If you haven't read them yet, and you're looking for some new reading material, you can get them at

Next, the Starside team is planning to host our first community game night on Twitch Saturday, March 28th at 1pm ET! We'll be streaming games from the Jackbox Party Packs. If you're not familiar with those games - they're lots of fun and everyone can play along using their phones! This will be our first foray into streaming so bear with us in advance if there are any issues. Follow us at and join in!

Regarding the Kickstarter: we were all set to launch in March, but decided now might not be the best time as people face so much uncertainty. We're going to play it by ear and of course let you know when there's an update on that. Just like the last campaign, there are going to be reward tiers for those of you who have all of the comics already but still want cool merch, and tiers for people who have never heard of Starside. It's going to be a fun one!

Speaking of fun, in this update we wanted to share some sketches from when we were planning issue 3. One of the first things you see in the issue is Riggs's ship, the Novo. Without saying too much, the Novo is going to be around quite a lot in Starside, so its design was something we spent a lot of time working on.

Dylan and I were inspired by this photo of the Sydney Opera House being reflected on the water:

Jordan took our idea as a jumping-off point to come up with some more awesome ideas to consider. His silhouettes were inspired by nature. Below, you'll see a dragon, a flower, and a horseshoe crab.

We all liked the dragon, so we started working with that. We removed the "mouth" to allow for maximum visibility in the cockpit, shortened the "neck" and adjusted the "wings" when we started discussing the technical functionality of the ship, which brought us to what we see in issue 3:

Once we settled on the design, we began to think about other ways to make the Novo feel like a unique character in the Starside universe. Jordan added green trails coming out of the engines as well as landing "feet" which you can see working at the beginning of the issue. This is one of my favorite features!

We set out not just to make the Novo its own character, but also an extension of Riggs and what he's about. We're excited for you to learn more about this ship in coming issues!

In convention news, unfortunately a few of the cons we had planned for this spring have been postponed or cancelled. You can find the latest info about our cons and events on our site:

We love going to conventions since it's where we meet great people like you, but we're glad to use this extra time to keep working on the comic.

Thank you all so much for reading, and for your support. Building a community and staying in touch with people is really important to us. We'd love to talk more with you all about Starside, other comics you're reading, TV shows or movies you're watching, video games, music, anything! If you want to chat you can always email us at this address. And don't forget to join us on Twitch for game night on Saturday!

Until next time!

- Lane & Dylan

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